Environmental and Earth Sciences Minor

Environmental and Earth Science Minor

Passionate about our home planet? Love finding new ways to go green and save our home? Have you considered the environmental and earth science minor from Indiana University Kokomo?

If you’ve already selected a course of study but want to tailor your studies and experience to your goals, adding a minor is a great way to specialize and add to your growing knowledge. With a Minor in Environmental and Earth Science, you’ll get to take classes like Green Chemistry and Sustainability Sciences, Environmental Physics, Geology of Indiana, and more! You’ll work with passionate faculty who love the same topics as you.

To complete an Environmental and Earth Sciences Minor, students must complete a minimum of nineteen (19) credit hours in geology, geography, biology, chemistry, and physics with a minimum grade of C in each course. The first eight to ten (8 to 10) credit hours are prescribed (GEOL-G 100 and a choice of either GEOG-G 107 or GEOL-G 133) and form the foundation of the higher level courses in Geology and Geography. In addition, students must complete at least three (3) credit hours of upper-level coursework outside of geology and geography. Finally, students must complete a minimum of two additional geology or geography electives chosen from the list of elective courses below. Students must take all the necessary pre-requisites before enrolling in courses for the minor. The following is required: GEOL-G 100 General Geology (5 cr.).

Students must select a minimum of one course from the following list:

BIOL-L 473 Ecology (3 cr.), CHEM-C 351 Green Chemistry and Sustainability Sciences (4 cr.), CHEM-C 300 Energy and Green Chemistry - A Natural Science Perspective (3 cr.), CHEM-C 390 Environmental Science (3 cr.), or PHYS-P 310. Environmental Physics.

Finally, students must select two or more courses from the following list to complete the 19-credit hour minimum requirement:

GEOL-T 326 Geology of Mineral Resources (3 cr.), GEOL-G 300 Environmental Geology and Urban Geology (3 cr.), GEOL-T 312 Geology of Indiana (3 cr.), GEOG-G 315 Environmental Conservation (3 cr.), GEOL-G 400 Energy: Sources and Needs (3 cr.), or GEOL-G 421 United States Geology: Field Experience (1 to 5 cr.).

For the most recent requirements for this minor, check out our Academic Bulletin. If you feel like adding a Minor in Environmental and Earth Science is a good fit for you, find out what the coursework might be for this minor. Fill out your information and follow the prompted steps to arrive at a sample degree map or reach out to your advisor to learn how. If you have questions about this minor, don’t hesitate to contact the School of Sciences. We’re here and happy to help!


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