Mathematics Minor

Mathematics Minor

Looking for a minor that pairs well with your course of study and gives you a chance to gain all kinds of skills? If you’re looking to expand your problem-solving, deductive reasoning, and analysis abilities, a mathematics minor from Indiana University Kokomo may be a good fit for you!

With the opportunity to take courses like Calculus I-III, Elements of Probability, Mathematical Models and Applications, and many more, you’ll gain a well-rounded understanding that is both broad and deep to build on. When entering the job market, your course of study partnered with a Minor in Mathematics shows employers that you have marketable skills to share.

Students must complete a minimum of 20 cr. hours in mathematics with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. At least 6 cr. hours of mathematics must be completed at IU Kokomo. Students must complete the following courses:

MATH-M 215 Calculus I (5 cr.), MATH-M 216 Calculus II (5 cr.), MATH-M 311 Calculus III (4 cr.), MATH-M 303 Linear Algebra for Undergraduates (3 cr.), Students must also select one from the following list of courses: MATH-M 313 Elementary Differential equations with Applications (3 cr.), MATH-T 336 Topics in Euclidean Geometry (3 cr.), MATH-M 347 Discrete Mathematics (3 cr.), MATH-M 360 Elements of Probability (3 cr.), MATH-M 403 Introduction to Modern Algebra (3 cr.), MATH-M 413 Introduction to Analysis I (3 cr.), MATH-M 415 Elementary Complex Variables with Applications (3 cr.), MATH-M 447 Mathematical Models and Applications I (3 cr.), MATH-M 471 Numerical Analysis I (3 cr.)

For the most recent and up-to-date requirements for this minor, you’ll want to check out our Academic Bulletin. If the Minor in Mathematics sounds like it’s right for you, find out what the coursework might be for this minor. Fill out your information and follow the prompted steps to arrive at a sample degree map or chat with your advisor about next steps. If you have questions or concerns about adding a Minor in Mathematics, you can always reach out to the School of Sciences. We’d love to hear from you!

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