Dean of Students

Dean of Students

The Office of Student Life and Campus Diversity is staffed with individuals who are ready to assist you when you need. The Dean of Students also serves as the chief student judicial officer for issues relating to the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, and maintains all disciplinary records for the campus. 

Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities & Conduct

Each campus has established its own procedures for implementing the Code for any procedures not governed by University-wide procedures. The procedures have been developed to provide students with a fair and equitable process focused on student rights when matters of academic and personal misconduct and other tangential problems arise. The Code articulates a commitment to civility and the respect for the dignity of all members of the campus community. The essence of these procedures is the review of individual conduct in a simple, clear, and timely manner with an objective of responsible outcomes. The procedures, definitions, and sanctions herein do not apply to cases involving sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment. Complaints of sexual misconduct, as well as disciplinary procedures, are governed by the University-wide Sexual Misconduct Policy (UA-03).

If you have any questions, please contact the office of the Dean of Students, Audra Dowling at 765-455-9204 or email

A community where all belong

Indiana University Kokomo is committed to creating welcoming, inclusive, and respectful campus communities where everyone can thrive and do their best work—a place where all are treated with civility and respect. If you experience, witness, or are aware of a bias incident, report it. Reporting an incident allows us to support those impacted and take steps to prevent future incidents. Learn more or report a bias incident.