Student Government

About SGA

What do you want your legacy to be at Indiana University Kokomo? Do you want to make memories for your fellow students, or make changes that affect campus life?  

The Indiana University Kokomo Student Government Association (SGA) provides students with chances to put their hopes and dreams for IUK into action while serving in three branches of government: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative.

Senators have the responsibility to make decisions that impact the lives of current and future Cougars. This responsibility can take many exciting paths, from creating campus events that all can attend, to developing policies that better the learning experiences of all students.

The Student Government Association also helps to lead the pack by directing finances and budgeting for all student clubs and organizations.

The SGA meets on campus on a biweekly basis during the fall and spring semesters, and twice during the summer.

Executive Branch

mary-hogsett-IMG_8353-768.jpgMary Hogsett

Alex Carie
Vice President, Student Athletics & Wellness Board

Brianna Fierr
Vice President, Student Board

Rene Semple
Vice President, Cougar Advocates for Diversity

Judicial Branch

Julian Wallace

Chief Justice

Legislative Branch

Andrea Mendez Rodriguez
Senate President

John Wasmuth
Student Activities Treasurer & Senator