Office of Student Success and Advising

As a college student, you face a number of decisions–selecting your major, choosing classes, determining what path to follow after you graduate. The mission of our office is to help you move toward graduation and your life goals by engaging you in conversations that encourage self-reflection and confident decision making. Let us be your partner in building your future.

In the Office of Student Success and Advising, you'll find a resourceful team ready to assist you with your academic success. Academic advisors, success coaches, and peer advisors are here to listen, support, and challenge you as you explore the options and opportunities that will shape your educational experience.

Connect with our office whenever you need to discuss:

  • course planning
  • decisions about your major, minor, or graduation
  • academic progress
  • resuming classes after a break or academic dismissal

If you'd like to see what we hope all students will learn from academic advising, take a look at our student learning outcomes and assessment plan.

Our office is also responsible for new student orientation events and campus testing services.