Due to COVID-19, all New Student Orientations and Transfer Onboarding activities (including how to register for Fall 2020 classes) will be delivered virtually in Summer 2020. If you are visiting this site to RSVP for an Orientation date, please feel free to do so using the links below. You will receive detailed information about next steps after you RSVP. Thank you for your understanding.

At different times of year, our campus holds different kinds of events to make sure all students new to our campus get registered and are well-prepared for class start.

From April through August, we hold New Student Orientation. This is for students who are brand-new to college (that is, not transferring from another college or university) and are starting classes in the Fall semester of each year.

  • This is a full-day event, and students meet their advisor and register for Fall classes as part of the program. We typically run 9 or 10 events over the summer for new college students to choose from. If you know you want to attend IU Kokomo, don’t wait until the last couple of dates to attend this event – the longer you wait, the narrower your choices of classes.
  • Occasionally, students who are brand-new to college like to start taking classes on our campus in the Summer before their first Fall semester. New Student Orientation is the best event for those students as well, and we recommend that they attend that event as early in April or May as possible so they are ready for summer classes.

In late July and August of each year, we hold a different kind of orientation event that we call Transfer Onboarding. These events are for students who are transferring to our campus from another college or university and starting classes in Fall semester.

  • Transfer students actually enroll for classes differently from new-to-college students. Because you are bringing credits with you, we want to meet with you individually to review your credits carefully and get you in the right classes before these events start in July. So, your first step is to call our office at 765-455-9405 and schedule an advising appointment. Please do register for Transfer Onboarding now if you know which date you can attend, but don’t neglect calling us so we can get you squared away before you come learn more about our campus. The Transfer Onboarding event is a half-day event in the afternoon.

Finally, in January of each year, we hold a third type of orientation event called Spring Orientation. This event is for any student (new-to-college or transfer student) who is starting classes on our campus in the Spring semester.

  • For all students starting in January and attending our Spring Orientation event, we want to meet with you individually before the event to get your Spring class schedule locked in. If you wait until December before your first Spring semester to come for this advising appointment, your choices of Spring classes will be limited. So, we recommend you come for advising in October or November. Call our office at 765-455-9405 for information on appointment availability and to lock in your registration meeting time. The Spring Orientation event is held just a few days before Spring classes start, and is a half-day afternoon event.

New Student Orientation lays the foundation for your success at IU Kokomo! You'll learn about registering for classes, navigating campus, how to get the most out of your courses, and how to use our many wonderful supports and resources. You'll also get to meet faculty, staff, student leaders, and fellow new students to help welcome you to our campus. We are excited to meet you and members of your family at this great event.

In the morning after a brief welcome, students complete math placement testing while guests learn about some campus resources and how to help their students use them well. Sessions on our career services, library resources, and an overview of academic advising are featured. 

After lunch (which is provided), students complete a scavenger hunt-type tour of campus and meet other new students. They also get to meet with representatives from a variety of campus offices. There are then sessions on financial aid for freshman year, safety issues on campus, and course registration. Students end the day by getting their CrimsonCard, or campus ID.

We have several dates to choose from beginning in April with our final events in August. Each date is first-come, first-served, and slots fill up quickly.

Check-in opens at 8:30 a.m. in Alumni Hall on IU Kokomo's campus, with the full program beginning at 9 a.m. and concluding by 5 p.m.

Our one-day program includes:

Morning: A welcome activity, ALEKS math placement testing, and sessions on topics like career services, library services, and academic advising designed for both students and family members/guests. Lunch is provided midday.

Afternoon: Our orientation program for your student success on campus, such as how to access campus resources, manage financial aid, and get involved. You will also have the opportunity to explore campus, and you'll register for your first semester of classes!

It is expected that all students new to college will attend for the full program. 

Please see the “First-Time College Student” button below to fill out our RSVP form

All transfer students new to our campus in fall are required to attend a Transfer Onboarding event. This event lays the foundation for your success at Indiana University Kokomo! You'll learn about registering for classes, navigating campus, how to get the most out of your courses, and how to use our many wonderful supports and resources. You'll also get to meet faculty, staff, student leaders, and fellow new students to help welcome you to our campus. We are excited to meet you and members of your family at this great event!

If you are unable to attend a Transfer Onboarding event in the summer before you start Fall classes, please be sure to tell your advisor when you come for class registration.

We hold Spring Orientation on one date each year in January. All students new to the campus (new-to-college and transfer students) attend this event after meeting with their advisor to register for Spring classes.

Check-in opens at 12:30 p.m. in Alumni Hall on IU Kokomo’s campus, with the program beginning at 1 p.m. and ending by about 3:30 p.m. We help you start to learn the layout of campus, review the basics of financial aid and campus policies for safety, overview campus resources, and give you some tips on campus involvement and taking advantage of the KEY (Kokomo Experience and You) program. We finish with enough time left for you to take care of any needed tasks on campus while our advising and business offices are open.

After you have filled out your event's registration form, you’ll get messages and reminders to help you be ready. A few crucial pieces:

For New Student Orientation: Set up your official IU computing account at least five days before attending orientation. Once you have your IU computing account, use it to set up your Math Placement testing profile. Do this three days after you set up your IU computing account. Complete a practice test in the math placement testing portal before you come for Orientation. Instructions for account setup are below.

For Transfer Onboarding AND Spring Orientation: Call 765-455-9405 to set your registration appointment for a date prior to your event date. Set up your official IU computing account at least two days before your registration appointment. If your advisor informs you that you will need math placement, you will use your IU computing account to set up your Math Placement testing profile. Instructions for account setup are below.

On the day of your Orientation event, come ready for check-in on time, with a photo ID, a mobile device, and your IU username and passphrase. Park in the student parking area by Kresge Auditorium and the Kelley Student Center.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Success and Advising at 765-455-9405 or email us at NSORSVP@iuk.edu, or stop by room 223 of the Kelley Student Center on campus.

For students, yes. Every part of each program we've designed is important to your successful registration and gaining crucial information about the campus.

Guests (such as parents) are very welcome, but are not required to come. We have programming to keep everyone busy and learning all day, but we understand if a guest can only attend for part of the day. If a guest can only come for half of our full-day New Student Orientation program, we recommend the latter half (from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.).

Please note: These programs are not well-designed for young children. Students with young children should plan to bring an adult guest who can assist for the day, or find appropriate childcare.

It depends on when during the day you leave. Our advising instruction and registration session starts in the mid-afternoon and extends to nearly the end of the day. If you have to leave before that session, we will work with you to schedule an individual meeting with your advisor to complete the process.

You must bring a photo ID, a mobile device (such as a smartphone), and your IU username and passphrase to log in to your IU computing account. It is not necessary to bring a more advanced device such as tablet or laptop unless you wish to; those particular technologies are not needed for the program.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, no. Attending the New Student Orientation program is part of the course registration process, and it actually turns out to be the most efficient way to handle all the steps of course registration for most students.

Students with a highly unusual circumstance that prevent their attending a New Student Orientation date should contact us at koadv@iuk.edu. In the majority of cases, students do decide to attend once they speak with our staff about their situation and get their questions answered. Not attending New Student Orientation typically means that students have to make extra trips to campus before classes start.

To establish your official IU computing and IU email accounts, follow the instructions below. It just takes a few minutes, but is crucial to your visit and is worthwhile and helpful to you! If you need assistance, please call 765-455-9405.

Set up your IU computing account

Set up your ALEKS Math Placement profile

If you establish your official IU email before registering for Orientation, your RSVP confirmation will be sent to that account. So, if you don't happen to see your confirmation in your personal email when you submit your RSVP, consider checking your IU email to see if it is there instead.

After New Student Orientation, all new-to-college students are required to have a one-on-one meeting with their academic advisor before Fall classes start. This gives your advisor a chance to review the schedule you select for yourself at New Student Orientation, and for the two of you to start to get to develop a working relationship that will carry you through your years at IU Kokomo. Our advisors are highly trained in professional coaching techniques, and are experts on many aspects of the student experience on our campus. Do not miss out on the chance to receive their personal guidance and support! You will be shown how to schedule your post-Orientation appointment when you attend the New Student Orientation program.

After Transfer Onboarding and Spring Orientation, we move quickly into the new semester of classes. Therefore, we recommend that you set up an appointment a few weeks into your first semester with us so your advisor can see how you are doing. At your Orientation event, we will show you the online scheduling tool that you’ll be able to use after your event day to set your follow-up appointment time, or you can opt to use their drop-in hours if you just want a brief check-in.

First-Time College Student

Signed up for college for the first-time? Excited to get started? Maybe a little nervous? Register for orientation as a first-time college student and we’ll see you soon!

Transfer Student Onboarding

Transferring to IU Kokomo from another college or university? Have questions about your new campus? Register for transfer student onboarding and we’ll see you soon!

Thank you for the complete and very organized orientation on Saturday.  I appreciate all the information provided and the encouragement directly provided to the students.  My husband and I are very pleased with the university. We love that y’all care and he isn’t another number.

– Parent of a new IU Kokomo student