IT Help for Students

Ways for students to get IT help

New phone? No problem. We'll get Duo on your device.

Forgot your passphrase? It happens to the best of us. We'll help you reset it.

Need help making a PowerPoint presentation or printing a poster? We've got your back.

The IT department at IU Kokomo (UITS) has support and training staff ready to help you solve your tech problems so you can get back to focusing on what really matters.

Here in UITS, we do more than print CrimsonCards and reset passphrases. Our IT Training staff provides free consulting and training services to students, faculty, and staff. We can make sure that your laptop has the proper software and applications installed that will enable your success, while providing the training necessary to improve your technology skills.

Not sure which department you need? Don't worry. Come to either office and we'll guide you the rest of the way.

IT Training and Consulting

IT Training and Consulting is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Contact Greg or Mike to schedule an appointment (recommended). Walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first serve basis.

Manager, IT Training


IT Training Specialist


UITS Support Center

The Support Center team is located in the library and will be happy to help you during these regular hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: noon - 5 p.m.
  • Sunday: 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.

The Support Center can also be reached by phone at 765-455-9315. We can help with things like:

  • Copy machines in the Library
  • Reseting or updating passphrases
  • Your Print.IU account
  • Any and all username changes
  • Any email setup or problem difficulty
  • And more! 

If you come to us with a problem and we feel you'd benefit from training, we can guide you to our IT trainers to set up a free one-on-one training session.





This is Cougar Country - IT Training Center

Watch the Cougar Country Video with Audio Description

Description of the video:

On a black and white screen, Kingston Cougar walks into an office carrying a computer. 

Greg Ogle is seated and stands up to meet Kingston: “Hey, Kingston! How you doin’? How can we help? Have a seat.”

 They high-five. Greg pulls out a chair for Kingston and they are seated and Kingston pulls out his laptop.

Greg: “Black screen. Does it have power?”

Kingston shrugs.

Greg: “Is it turned on?”

Kingston nods.

Greg: “Is it on screen saver?”

Kingston scratches his head.

Greg: “Let’s try.” He touches the screen. The screen lights up to show Kingston’s research paper. Kingston acts embarrassed. Greg grabs a tub of chocolate to pass one to Kingston.

Greg: “Kingston, I’m glad we could help you out today. If there’s something we can do in the future, let us know.”

Kingston gives a thumb up.

Greg: “Would you like some chocolate?”

Kingston acts excited then grabs the whole chocolate jar and takes off.

The IU Kokomo Cougars logo fills the screen along with the words, “This is Cougar Country.”

Computer troubles? There is no problem too big or small. Visit the IT Training Center in room NEED NEW ROOM NUMBER.

UITS Orientation

Watch the Orientation Video with Audio Description

Description of the video:

Orientation 2019 Updates - Tech Things Full Series 4-3-2019

A 1970s-style television with knobs and a rabbit ear antenna sits on a long wooden table in an empty room. The TV clicks onto black and white fuzz. On the screen, a tour guide stands in front of a group of five young students.

[ Music ] >> Next on the tour, the Sensory Deprivation Lab.

We'll see if you can commune with a real-life Demogorgon.

Follow me.

The Guide walks briskly off to the left. The students in the group look at each other quizzically and file off in the opposite direction of the Guide.

[ Music ]

The screen fades to black as drifting neon red block letters float together to form the title: Tech Things.
The screen fades to black, Red letters appear, Chapter One: Messages From Beyond. A girl sits in a classroom as other students file in, bumping into her with their backpacks.

[ Background noise ]

She looks at her phone. A message on the phone reads: IU Alert: The National Monster Service has issued a Demogorgon Warning for your area. Seek immediate shelter. The lights dim and small white particles float through the air. She looks up and realizes she is alone in the dark classroom, she looks back down and is now holding a rotary telephone. She jumps and slams down the receiver.

NIU, your safety is our first priority.

She looks at the chalkboard which has the alphabet written on it and a string of colored lights. The lights illuminate different letters. R. U. N., R. U. N., Vines slowly creep across the chalkboard.

Sign up for IU Notify to get emergency notifications via text and email.

Learn more at forward slash Student Guide.

[ Music ]

The screen fades to black, Red letters appear, Chapter Duo: Pushed to the Edge. A young man works in a dark computer lab typing on a keyboard. Small white particles float through the air. He looks around nervously as he continues typing.

To keep strange things away from your personal data, Indiana University uses two-step authentication to protect your account, enroll your device, download the dual mobile app, and choose, send me a push, any time you log in.

Push notifications are the fastest way to confirm your identity.

Brown spiky vines creep in around him. His phone lights up with a notification, as the vines recoil away from the phone. The message on the phone reads: Indiana University. IU Central Authentication Service. Approve or Deny. He presses Approve. The particles and vines disappear, and the lights turn on.

Learn more at forward slash Student Guide.

[ Music ]

The screen fades to black, Red letters appear, Chapter Three: Ready Printer One. A student collects a paper from a printer, while another student stands in line behind her.
As the second student approaches the printer, white particles float through the air and the lights dim. A sign on the wall reads: Insert Eleven Tokens Per Page.

Save your tokens.

Send documents to print from your phone with the Pharos Print Mobile App.

Stop by any printer anywhere on campus and release your print job using your crimson card.

She digs into her pockets, and then puts coins in the machine as vines grow up the walls around her, and up the sides of the printer.

Learn more at forward slash Student Guide.

[ Music ]

The screen fades to black, Red letters appear, Chapter Four: Alone in the Dark. A woman stands with darkness surrounding her. She slowly turns and sees a man facing away from her typing on a computer at the far end of a dark room. She begins walking toward the man.

Don't get lost in the dark, we're here when you need us 24/7 via live chat, phone, email, and a knowledgebase.

We also have walk-in support centers and staff student technology centers on some campuses.

As she approaches the man she tentatively reaches up and touches the man on the shoulder. He jumps and turns toward her. She reaches out to him holding a rotary telephone.

>> Oh, hi.

How many I help you?

>> Learn more at forward slash Student Guide.

>> Okay.

[ Music ]

The screen fades to black, Red letters appear, Chapter Five: Everything Must Go. Two students walk through a warehouse full of computer equipment, typewriters, and old rotary telephones. A sign reads: Deals! Deals! Deals!

>> This does not look like the place for modern technology.

>> Oh, leave it alone.

He said it was deals and good tech.

>> What's so new about this anyway?

One girl picks up the receiver of an old rotary telephone. The lights blink off, white particles float through the air, and the other girl has disappeared. Vines creep slowly around the equipment, and toward the remaining girl.

>> Looking for tech?

We offer deals on new stuff you want, like discounts at Dell, Apple, and AT&T, plus IUWare and IUAnywhere where have most of the software you need at no additional cost to you.

Learn more at forward slash Student Guide.

[ Music ]

The screen fades to black, Red letters appear, Chapter Six: Boxing Day. A young man walks stiffly down the aisle of a library holding an old computer disk in his hand. He follows a sign that reads: Secure Storage.

Got important stuff to stash away for later?

The lights dim and white particles float through the air. He turns down an aisle and sees a box labeled Secure Storage with vines growing around it.

Box at IU offers unlimited cloud storage at no extra cost.

>> Mom?

[ Music ]

The man runs away as the image zooms out and reveals the Chapters were playing on the old TV screen.

Success at IU means having the right tools.

Learn more at

forward slash Student Guide.

[ Background noise ]

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