Sep 23
Better Together Call Out Meeting

New Club Call Out Meeting

1:00 PM
Immigration Reformation Debate with Jesus Nebot

This 90 minute presentation will allow you to obtain a wider perspective on one of the greatest social challenges of our time, and get you the real facts about the origin and history of illegal immigration and its current economic situation.

Sponsored by Cougar Advocates for Diversity

4:00 PM
I Flunked my First Test. Where can I go from here?

Did you hit a pothole and need direction on getting back on path in the class? This work shop will help you understand it is possible to get a passing grade in a class after getting an unsatisfactory grade on the first paper/quiz/exam. You will learn to identify the key elements in your course syllabi, such as course description, outcomes, and grading scale. In addition, you will discover different note-taking/studying tips styles that could fit your learning style.

4:00 PM
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