Sep 17
MathQuest! Charting a Root to Success in Math

Math is an area you cannot avoid while you are on this academic voyage. Learning the material in your math classes alone can be a separate journey in itself. This workshop you will learn how to maximize the return you get from the math class; time you spend doing homework, effort you put in studying for tests and money you have spent on the textbook.

10:00 AM
Screening of "The Other Side of Immigration"

Multiple showings: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Join us for the screening of the documentary “The Other Side of Immigration” to get a glimpse into the stories of immigrants and the families they left behind. As immigration is a hot topic in today’s society, come and hear from all sides of the story with a discussion held after the screening. The documentary is 55 minutes long and open to all.

Sponsored by Cougar Advocates for Diversity

11:00 AM
NCF Meeting

General meeting

12:30 PM
Sep 18

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12:00 AM

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12:00 AM
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