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IU Kokomo: Alumni Hall of Fame - 2018

Watch the IU Kokomo: Alumni Hall of Fame - 2018 Video with Audio Description

Description of the video:

Alumni Hall of Fame Video Transcript

IU Kokomo Alumnus, Shane Simmons, speaks on camera.

Shane Simmons, B.S. 2013, Founder and CEO of Crimson Media: “When I found out that I was going to be a Hall of Fame inductee at IU Kokomo, I was speechless. I was…I couldn’t believe it and that really told me that this University cares.”

IU Kokomo Alumna, Kylie Groover, speaks on camera.

Kylie Goover, B.S. 2013, Senior Wellness Coordinator – Web MD Health Services: “I am so honored to be recognized amongst phenomenal leaders and ever more inspired to continue to strive for excellence in myself and in my community.”

IU Kokomo Alumnus, Greg Aaron, speaks on camera.

Greg Aaron, A.S. 1990, President of the Community Foundation of Howard County: “I was taken by surprise. I mean, I was just completely humbled. I’m completely honored. I don’t deserve these kinds of things, so…”

IU Kokomo Alumna, Liz Douglass, speaks on camera.

Liz Douglass, B.S. 1995, Fourth Grade Teacher, Western Intermediate School: “It really does make me feel very proud because I never would have expected it in a million years seriously, so I was really honored.”

A voice off screen says, “Well, she’s going to make me cry!” Another voice off screen says, “I know!” Liz replies, “I’m sorry!” and laughs.

An aerial shot of the IU Kokomo campus is shown.

Shane Simmons speaks: “I have a lot of faculty members here at IU Kokomo that I really admire and it’s really hard to point out just a few of them because there were so many who…all of them played an important role in where I am today and where I’m going.”

Greg Aaron speaks: “I have a number of favorite faculty members but there’s one that stands out. And this faculty member was a young, interpersonal communications instructor. But for me, one of the most important things that I took away from her class was the art of active listening and that has served me so well over the years. She was known then as Sue Sciame. Today, we call her Chancellor, Dr. Sue Sciame-Giesecke.”

Kylie Goover speaks: “Dr. Jessica Henderson just really has a really important place in my heart. I literally would not be where I am today without her presence at IU Kokomo. She taught me something that she probably has no idea but it stuck with me and it was skill, will, and time. If you’re willing to put the skill, the will, and the time in, then you can achieve anything.”

Liz Douglas speaks: “I have to say probably Jon Kofas.was the most influential person. I really loved the way he questioned his students and made us really think. I try to question my students and really make them think about, ‘Why am I thinking this? Why am I doing this? Why did I choose this path?’”

Shane Simmons speaks: “Joanne Kaiser, she was absolutely phenomenal for me and always there to talk with me after class, help me out, and just give me a proper sense of direction on what I wanted to do and she really helped me find myself in a way. But, I would also say Dr. Darr. And still to this day, I talk with him very often. And, Dr. Darr has done something in me that a lot of people – I feel like they don’t get the opportunity to have this kind of person in their life – but that is, truly give you confidence to know that you can do anything that you set your mind to.”

Greg Aaron speaks: “I’m proud that IU Kokomo has been able to grow the facilities, course offerings. It’s just awesome the growth that we’ve seen here, that I’ve seen in the past 25-30 years of this campus. I’m especially proud of the partnerships that IU Kokomo has developed with other institutions. And, I’m very proud of the role that IU Kokomo plays in community leadership throughout the region.”

Kylie Goover speaks: “When I came here, someone was always reaching a hand out. Someone was always saying, ‘Hello!’ or making you feel welcome and I think that that’s really important in today’s world because at the end of the day, you never know what someone’s going through.”

Liz Douglass speaks: “Well, I have to say, I’m really proud to have been a graduate and the fact that they did help with getting a job and that I came back and was on the alumni board. I came back because I felt so strongly that it was a great place to be and a great place for kids. And, obviously, my own children are coming here too and it was obviously influenced by their parents because we just, we love this campus. It’s a really great place to be. Great place for kids.”

Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise, 

At Indiana University Kokomo, we believe in honoring our own. As our network of alumni continues to grow each year, we like to stop every now and then and appreciate those who have gone out and achieved extraordinary things. The Indiana University Alumni Association Kokomo Region (IUAAK) is always accepting nominations for our next class of inductees for the Alumni Hall of Fame.

Before submitting an alum for this prestigious award, consider the following criteria.

  • Professional Accomplishments
  • Community Service Involvement with IU Kokomo, past or present

Alumni can be nominated by filling out the nomination form. A review committee will be created to go through each nomination and determine the recipients of this award. Our hope is to recognize an alum from each school and division. For more information about Alumni Hall of Fame, please contact Benjamin Liechty, Director of Alumni Relations & Campus Ceremonies, at

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