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IU Kokomo: A Community Where You Belong.

IU Kokomo: A Community Where You Belong.

Indiana University Kokomo

Fulfilling the Promise

Susan Sciame-Giesecke, Chancellor, Indiana University Kokomo, appears on the screen: Hello. I’m Dr. Susan Sciame-Giesecke, Chancellor here at Indiana University Kokomo.

An outdoor view of a campus building, Hunt Hall, on a sunny day appears while the Chancellor continues narrating: We can offer you a 21stcentury learning environment.

A sped-up view of students and faculty bustling around in the nutrition lab while the Chancellor continues narrating: With up-to-date classrooms and technologies.

Nursing students are seen chatting with faculty while the Chancellor continues narrating: We have a world-renowned faculty who will care about each and every one of you.

The Chancellor appears on the screen briefly. Students are seen working in lab coats and glasses while the Chancellor continues narrating: You’ll be able to engage in opportunities like undergraduate research and internships in industry.

A student is seen walking through a manufacturing plant with an employee.

The Chancellor appears on the screen: We are a part of the Indiana University system and we offer you an internationally renowned Indiana University degree.

The pavilion is shown with the IU Kokomo emblem.

Murtada Al Nasser, Graduate Student, Saudi Arabia appears on the screen to be interviewed: Since I came from Saudi Arabia, we have a totally different culture from American culture. 

While Murtada continues speaking, scenes of students including Murtada, volunteering at a food bank appear on the screen.

Murtada’s interview continues over a montage of scenes: I see many people who are not involved. So my advice to them is to get involved. Being involved in these activities will add more to the personalities. Improve it. Enhance the way people are thinking. And open them up to new things that people might not have been exposed to before.

Students stand outside the art building as a steamroller creates art. Students are seen dancing at an event. A basketball game is shown in the Cougar gym. An IU Kokomo student makes a three-pointer. Kingston Cougar is shown on his hands and knees looking at the camera. The camera scans through a crowd at a campus event. Murtada, another student, and a business professor are seen sitting at a table talking.

Carolina Anaya Pico, Communications, Student Body President, Colombia is interviewed as scenes come onto the screen.: Definitely the size of the campus, the fact that IU Kokomo is a smaller campus, I knew that I was going to come here and feel safe and be able to be more successful. So just imagine coming from a different country where you speak a completely different language, where you have a completely different culture, and then coming and pursuing a degree in a completely different language. The fact that faculty are willing to help you, and they know your name, they know who you are, that definitely made coming to IU Kokomo just an easy decision for me.

A professor is shown teaching from the front of a full classroom. A teacher writes on a whiteboard in front of a classroom as he speaks to the student. A teacher speaks to her class from the front of the room.

Tyler Lucas, Business, Cross Country, United States is interviewed while sitting on a stool in the Cougar gym while images and scenes are shown: Something that I would want to tell an international student if I were to meet them face to face is you get a lot of opportunities here at IU Kokomo. Whether that be meeting your professors first hand, or running on a cross country team and being able to walk on, or trying out for a basketball team. If you went to a huge school, you wouldn’t have that opportunity because there’s hundreds of students trying out or they already have everything selected. But you can have your voice heard. You have the opportunity that you deserve as a student because you’re just trying to get the experiences in life.

Tyler is shown running in a cross-country race. A basketball player is shown playing against an opponent.

The Chancellor is speaking again as scenes are shown: Indiana University Kokomo is located in Kokomo, Indiana. A very safe and secure city with lots to do, festivals, athletic events, and great restaurants. I know you’re going to be pleased with everything you learn about Indiana University Kokomo and so I hope to see you on campus real soon.

A downtown scene with a sign reading, “Kokomo Toys & Collectibles” is shown with a man walking down the sidewalk. People are shown on the side of a busy street waiting at a bus stop. A view of the Kokomo downtown square is shown as cars drive through the intersection. A batter is shown on home plate at a Jackrabbits baseball game. A shot of the crowd at the baseball game is shown.

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Indiana University Kokomo

Fulfilling the Promise

We are home to thousands of students and we currently work with over 50 international students; we’d love for you to become a part of our community. To help with costs, international students are eligible to receive the Academic and Cultural Scholarship which will be applied to the first semester of study and is renewable each semester as long as requirements are met.

I think IU Kokomo is a great place to be an international student. It is a community of people who care and love. The services, such as tutoring, math labs, the English as a second language writing center, are marvelous. They increase my chances of being successful in my classes. Studying in the U.S. gives me the chance to earn a degree that is recognized around the world. 

We make admissions decisions any time of the year and we usually have a decision within three weeks of receiving your completed application. For information about becoming a Cougar, the Office of International Student Services at Indiana University Kokomo is here to walk you through the steps, from admission to graduation. We can help you learn how to apply and help you make sure you’ve got everything you need to become a student. We also offer information on:

 If you have more questions, you can browse through our frequently asked questions. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll do everything we can to help you become a familiar face here on campus.

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