Board of Directors

IUAA Kokomo Region Board of Directors

The IUAA Kokomo Region serves all IU Kokomo alumni and all IU alumni residing in Howard and Tipton counties. The Board of Directors assists with creating various alumni engagement initiatives and events, recruiting alumni to serve as volunteers or to serve on the alumni board, and raising funds for the IUKAA and Kokomo Region Alumni scholarships, which benefits current and future IU Kokomo students. If you are interested in engaging with other IU alumni and serving on the IUAAK Board of directors, please email Director of Alumni Relations, Benjamin Liechty, at

IUAA Kokomo Region board members encouraging students to finish the 2021 spring semester strong.

Description of the video:

Transcript of alumni video message to students: 

Benjamin Liechty: Hello everybody.

Sharmaine Ellison: Hello.

Brianne Boles: Hi

Cameron Huffman: My name’s Cameron Huffman and I’m a member of the IU Alumni Association Board for the Kokomo Region.

Sharmaine: My name is Sharmaine Ellison, and I’m the current President of the IUAA Kokomo Region Alumni Association.

Brianne: My name is Brianne Boles and I am part of the IUAA Kokomo Alumni Board 

Benjamin: My name is Benjamin Liechty and I am the Director of Alumni Relations and Campus Ceremonies at Indiana University Kokomo.

Sharmaine: I’m sending this message to all students to hang in there.

Brianne: These are unprecedented times that we are all dealing with.

Cameron: And it might be more challenging or more tempting to quit or interrupt your education. 

Sharmaine: But we will get through this.

Benjamin: We just wanted to let you know, as your alumni, that we are here for you.

Brianne: If you guys need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the faculty as well as our alumni group.

Cameron: We would be happy to help you and discuss ways that we can make sure this is as easy as possible for you.

Sharmaine: We are all a part of the IU family.

Benjamin: And we know that your IU degree is in your grasp.

Cameron: And please know that there are numerous resources out there for you if you are having a hard time continuing your education.

Sharmaine: So stay focused.

Benjamin: Stay the course. 

Brianne: You guys are doing awesome.

Cameron: And let us know if you need any help.

Sharmaine: Together, we can do this.