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Transcript for the Chancellor's Parent Video 

Congratulations! I know that this is a very exciting time for you and your child as you’re trying to decide which college they will attend. Your child has applied to Indiana University Kokomo so I’d like to take just a few minutes to share with you why IU Kokomo is now becoming a campus of choice for a growing number of students both in and outside our region.  

Well first and foremost, our faculty and staff are dedicated to giving your student a private school experience but at a public-school price. Now what do I mean by a private school experience? Well it’s an experience where faculty will know their name. They will matter here and they will be engaged in these exciting and applied learning experiences both inside the classroom and out. And your student will be earning an Indiana University degree, international renowned through the world.  

Now I know paying for higher education can be daunting even at $7,500 a year but our Office of Financial Aid is here to help you understand all the options you to make it affordable. Do you know that in the last four years we have spent over three million dollars on scholarships alone and our counselors are always available to answer all of your questions?  

Your student will experience more through our key program as they gain experiential learning opportunities from all over the country. They’ll be able to travel in state and out of the country. It’s called the Kokomo experience and You. They’ll explore career options by meeting with successful alumni learning from industry professionals and putting their skills to use for organizations that are facing real-life challenges.  

From the time your child arrives on campus until they graduate, we will offer services to help them find student work, internships, and a career with many professional development tools at their disposal. An alumni can always come back for assistance no matter how long they’ve been out. We also have resources for students with documented disabilities. We know your student’s health is also paramount importance to you and it is for us too. Our fitness center is available at a nominal fee and the Cougar Country Café offers a gathering space for students and an array of meal and snack options that meet the IU Healthy initiative. And it can all be paid for with a student issued crimson card. Our campus has always been ranked as one of the top three safest universities in the state of Indiana. You and your child can sign up for IU notify just to keep on top of any immediate danger that may pose a threat to our campus.  

We hope that you’ll schedule a visit to come and see us soon because I know that once you step foot on our beautiful campus, you’re going to be ready to become a member of the Cougar family. You can visit us online at to get started. I sure do hope that we’ll see you soon.  

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Starting college can be intimidating – both for you and your child. But, before you know it, you’ll be able to sit in the crowd and watch your child walk across the stage to receive their hard-earned IU degree, beaming with pride. We’re thrilled you’re here and willing to support your child in this life-changing journey. In the meantime, read some inspiring stories about our students below. Stay connected to the campus by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And if there’s any way we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s what we’re here for!