Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Graduate Certificate

IU Online’s Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling evaluates and critically analyzes professional scholarship in the field. Students will apply the counseling skills needed to address the mental health needs of diverse clients—concentrating on prevention, intervention, and crisis management. In addition, they will apply strategies for helping clients identify addiction’s impact on their life, relationships, and health, and the benefits of living without addiction. Emphasis is placed on critical analysis of one’s own previous attitudes and beliefs surrounding mental health issues, substance use, and culturally diverse groups—and how these may influence future clinical work.

IU Online’s Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling is open to Indiana residents only. It offers instruction in the 12 core functions of an addiction counselor and also explores the history, major theories, techniques, and strategies in the field of substance addiction and intervention.   

This program is taught by IU Bloomington, IUPUC, IU Kokomo, and IU South Bend. This consortial model allows you to take coursework from several campuses and learn from a wide range of faculty. 

Certificate Requirements

To earn a Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, you must complete 18 credit hours.  

Requirements are broken down as follows:

  • Addiction counseling theories and techniques (core) course (3 credits)
  • Clinical appraisal and assessment course (3 credits)
  • Clinical problems and applications course (3 credits)
  • Psychoactive drugs and psychopharmacology course (3 credits)
  • Diversity course (3 credits)
  • Practicum course (3 credits)
    Please note that the practicum must be completed on campus.

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