Careers with an MSN Education Track

What Can You Do with an MSN in Education?

As the demand for well-educated nurses continues to grow every day, the need for high-quality, engaged, and innovative nursing educators rises dramatically! If you’re looking for possible careers with an MSN Education Track from Indiana University Kokomo, you’ll be happy to find that opportunities are diverse and practically endless. With a career in nursing education comes great job prospects, job security, room for growth, and competitive wages.

When you earn your MSN, you join only 13 percent of nurses nationwide who possess an earned master’s or doctoral degree, putting you in high demand in a hot job market. The lack of MSN-prepared nurses in the region has had a negative impact on the ability of schools of nursing to fill both part-time and full-time teaching positions with qualified teachers.

People who have earned an MSN in the Nursing Education Track can go on and find themselves mentoring and teaching in all kinds of environments including:

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Hospital-based schools of nursing
  • Technical colleges
  • Hospitals

Just to name a few!

Whether you’re teaching students in an academic setting or helping onboard new nurses at a hospital, the skills and knowledge you’ll gain in this program are vital to the growth and improvement of health care in our region and beyond.

Upon your graduation from this program, you’ll be fully prepared to:

  • Design curriculum that incorporates cutting edge, evidence-based research and practice
  • Use teaching theory and pedagogy that involve and engage students
  • Assess and evaluate the learning that takes place in your classroom
  • Stay current with new trends and developments in the field
  • Train new employees
  • Provide support for patient care team

With exponential expected growth and competitive salaries, the careers available with an MSN Nursing Education Track are bound to be both fulfilling personally and professionally.  

Ready to dive in and get started?

Whether you have questions about where this degree can take you or want to be extra prepared to tackle the job market upon graduation, the Career and Accessibility Center is there for you! Here, you’ll find resources for building your resume, crafting your cover letters, searching for the right position for you, and even real-live practice for your interviewing skills!  

If you’ve decided that now is the time to start chasing your dream of teaching future nurses, don’t wait! Apply today