Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Susan Sciame-Giesecke Curriculum Vitae

Phone: 765-455-9221

Chancellor and Professor of Communication Arts, Indiana University Kokomo, April, 2014 – present

Currently serve as the Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo. Serve as the Chief Executive Officer; provide leadership, campus budget oversight, and chair the campus Advisory Board. During my tenure,  the campus has experienced  increased spring, summer, and fall record enrollment growth; facilitated a partnership with the city of Kokomo and the Kokomo School Corporation to secure a million dollars to remodel a gym for the campus athletic programs; worked with the University legislative liaison and our local legislators to secure $14 million dollars for the renovation of the main classroom building built in 1965; and oversaw the completion of the Milt and Jean Cole Family Wellness and Fitness Center. The campus reserves have continued to increase significantly.

Indiana University Kokomo’s campus enrolls approximately 4200 students, and is one of eight campuses of Indiana University. IU Kokomo offers more than 50 academic degree programs, including associates, baccalaureates, masters degrees, and undergraduate and graduate certificates. The campus employs approximately 120 full time and 130 part time faculty members and for the 2013 fiscal year, the campus had total expenditures of $30 million dollars.

Interim Chancellor and Professor of Communication Arts, Indiana University Kokomo, September, 2012 – April, 2014

Served as the Interim Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo. During my tenure, successfully led the campus through an abrupt leadership transition with increased spring, summer, and fall record enrollment growth. Served as the Chief Executive Officer; provided leadership, campus budget oversight and chaired the campus Advisory Board.

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Indiana University Kokomo, January, 2011 – September, 2012

Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Indiana University Kokomo, July, 2009 – December, 2010

Served as the Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs during the last year of the tenure of Interim Chancellor Green and then promoted to Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs during Chancellor Harris’ tenure in office, with the added responsibilities of Student Affairs in August, 2012.

Served as the chief academic officer for the campus. Provided leadership, direction, budget preparation and oversight, and policy formation for the campus’ academic programs, including the Schools of Business, Education, Humanities and Social Science, Sciences, Nursing, Public and Environmental Affairs, and Allied Health, as well as Graduate Studies, Research and Grants Administration, Library, Honors Program, Freshman Learning Community Program, Student Success Center, Institutional Research, Advising, Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Center for Early Childhood, Center for Economic Education, Center for Education Practice, International Programs, and the Art Gallery.  Was accountable for the strategic planning process, supervised all promotion and tenure cases; supervised and approved all faculty hiring, disciplinary and discharge actions; prepared administrative and staff evaluations.

Also served as the chief student affairs officer for the campus. Provided leadership, direction, budget preparation and oversight, and policy formation for the Dean of Students, Student Activities, Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services, and Athletics (served as the co-chair for the NAIA application process.) 

Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Indiana University Kokomo, January, 2011 – May, 2011

Due to the early retirement of the Chief Financial Officer, I assumed the role of Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance, until the position could be filled. Was responsible for physical plant operations, all building renovations and projects, budget construction and supervision, human resources, and the bursar office.

Dean, School of Arts and Science, Indiana University Kokomo, 2001-2009 (interim dean, 2001 – 2002)

Responsible for 54 resident faculty and 30 adjunct faculty members in three departments; written faculty and staff performance evaluations; budget administration; strategic planning; faculty recruitment; external development and grant preparation; curriculum development; supervised three chairs, two advisors, clerical support, and a director of graduate studies. Held dual roles; Chair of Humanities. Served as the self-study director for reaffirmation of accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (2009).

Chair, Humanities Department, Director, Freshman Learning Community Program, Indiana University Kokomo, 1998 – 2006

Responsible for 15 resident faculty members and 20 adjunct faculty members in English, Communication Arts, New Media Communication, Humanities, Philosophy, Music, Fine Arts, and Foreign Languages; written faculty and staff performance evaluations; budget administration; strategic planning, faculty recruitment; curriculum development; supervise three coordinators and clerical support. Responsible for the development and implementation of a year-long interdisciplinary freshman learning community program required for all freshman students.

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, 1996 – 1998

Wrote and received a Strategic Directions Grant, which established a Center for Teaching Excellence on the campus. Developed and staffed the Center; designed a three-year strategic plan. In addition, I served a short term assignment in Academic Affairs to support the Interim Vice Chancellor.

Director, Continuous Quality Improvement, 1993 – 1996

Chancellor initiative to improve efficiency in the business practices on campus. I coordinated the effort, helped the campus understand the tools, and supported change efforts.

Coordinator, Communication Arts Program, 1984 – 1986, 1987 – 1996

Responsibilities included scheduling classes and advising students. 

Director, Carriage House Theater, 1977 – 1981

Produced a four show season, developed an audience through season tickets, and expanded theater offerings on campus.


Director, Indiana University Enhancing Minority Attainment Conference, 2000 – 2008

Responsible for the design and implementation of a two-day diversity conference, for faculty and staff, from all eight campuses of Indiana University. I convened a planning team with faculty representatives from each campus. The conference was held on the Kokomo campus each year. The purpose of the conference was to assist faculty as they learned to infuse diversity and equity throughout the curriculum, and to support staff as they began to transform the institution. The project culminated in a peer review assessment process, campus diversity plans and the initiation of a grant funding process. I reported to Vice President Charlie Nelms.

Director, Indiana University Faculty Leadership Institute, 1996 – 2002

Responsible for the design and implementation of a week-long summer institute for post-tenure faculty members, from all eight campuses in the IU system. The mission of the Institute was to provide faculty the opportunity to be leaders for innovation and change in higher education. I was privileged to partner with Pat Hutchings, Director of the Teaching Initiative, AAHE, Barbara Cambridge, Director of the Assessment Forum, AAHE, and Eileen Bender, Director of the FACET Program at Indiana University. This program received the John L. Blackburn Award for the Outstanding Administrative Model.


I have worked with dynamic people and teams throughout my career, and together we have accomplished significant projects and programs. The people I have worked with have made all the difference in our success.

Vision and Planning - Significant experience in strategic planning and accreditation processes.

Led the campus through an unexpected leadership transition, while maintaining increased enrollment, introducing new programs, and adding three new facilities; gymnasium, wellness and fitness center, and outdoor courtyard.  Identified five goals to guide the campus during the transition period.

As the Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, I led the strategic planning process for the campus, worked with faculty, staff, administrators and the Faculty Senate to obtain approval. As the Dean of Arts and Sciences, I worked with faculty to complete a School strategic plan.

Served on the steering committee for the strategic planning process for the Indiana University Blueprint for Student Attainment plan. During this process, I served as the co-chair of the priority action team for Excellent, Distinctive Education. We generated actions for collaboration across all regional campuses. Facilitated the IU Kokomo Blueprint for Student Attainment Plan, which dovetailed with our campus’ strategic plan. 

Chaired a successful HLC ten year reaffirmation of accreditation process; collaborated with a campus team to develop a self-study report and facilitated a successful campus visit. During my tenure in Academic Affairs, the campus received reaffirmation of NCATE accreditation for the School of Education; AACSB School of Business accreditation; and School of Nursing accreditation.

Created the Center for Teaching and Learning; developed a proposal for the Center; wrote the grant for initial funding; established and launched the Center.

Developed the Office of Grants Administration to increase grant production.

Created an Office for Online Education; launched on-line courses, and supported the Center for Teaching Excellence and Assessment, as they developed a peer review process to ensure quality.

Facilitated the implementation of the Center for Research and Creative Activity to support our undergraduate research initiative.

Facilitated the implementation of an Applied Research Center to encourage community research partnerships.

Facilitated the renovation of the Fine Arts facility. Working with the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Fine Arts faculty, moved the fine arts program to a new building, which required substantial renovation.

Facilitated the creation of a new Digital Media lab in the library and a Mac lab in the main building.

Academic – significant experience in new program development and implementation; extensive experience in the creation and implementation of student success programs to enhance retention and degree completion

New Program Development - Obtained approval by the IU Board of Trustees and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education for the following new degree programs: Health Science, New Media Communication, Applied Sociology/Human Services, Masters of Nursing, Masters of Liberal Studies, Chemical Biology, Biochemistry, Journalism, BFA, Special  Education, Transition to Teaching Program, Communication Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, and added BS degrees to our complement of BA degrees in numerous areas; currently waiting on approval of the Bachelor of Applied Science. The BAS degree is a new degree type for the State of Indiana. I have engaged a variety of constituencies in discussions around the importance of the degree for students with applied associate degrees.

Freshman Learning Community Program - Reversed a six year fall-to-fall freshman retention problem; began with a 48% retention rate versus a current 65% retention rate. Working with the faculty, created the Freshman Learning Community Program, a year-long, interdisciplinary, team-taught program. Initiated and developed a common freshman reading program grounded in diversity texts; designed and implemented a freshman convocation which brings all new students and faculty together before classes begin. Provided leadership for the Foundations of Excellence Project, by facilitating the launch, mentoring the co-chairs, and initiating a set of action plans.

Advising - Facilitated the development of a new advising system; working with the Director of Advising and the advising staff, implemented a new Advising Center Model which has significantly contributed to increased student persistence.

General Education - Led the revision of the School of Arts and Sciences and the campus general education core; creating an outcome based curriculum.

Graduate Education - Formed the Graduate Affairs Committee. Worked with the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs to establish an electronic common admission application, coordinated recruitment efforts, hooding ceremony and orientation program for graduate students on campus.

Partnered with University Information Technology Services to develop a next generation classroom technology pilot classroom

Implemented a mobile lap top computer cart to support the increased need for a computer classroom

Encouraged the adoption of e-textbooks on campus

Implemented an online academic bulletin so that the catalogue could be updated each year and would be a more user friendly document

Worked with the Deans to offer Friday classes; more than 10% of classes are offered on Friday

Assisted the Dean of Education and his faculty in the development of the Center for Professional Practice; currently 20 school corporations regularly meet to address partnership opportunities with the School of Education faculty.

Restructured the Center for Early Childhood Education, introducing a new research component. Hired a Director of Research for the Center and petitioned the Lilly Foundation for a two year extension of the grant totaling $400,000.

Implemented a new electronic faculty annual report system (FAR) to facilitate the collection of data.

Supported faculty in the development of a robust short-term international travel program. Secured alumni funding support for student scholarships.

Partnered with the Dean of Nursing to strategize on ways to attract doctorally prepared nursing faculty.  Worked with the legal department to create a contract for a “grow your own program,” where the campus financially supports tuition for degree attainment.

Student Affairs – Extensive experience in student success initiatives

Partnered with the advising staff to create the new Student Success Center; provides tutoring services, computer workshops, and study skill assistance.

Developed a Student Leadership Academy by working with the Director of Applied Learning, created a 10 credit hour leadership experience, which includes both in-class and out-of-class activities.

Enhanced our Ivy Tech Community College partnership; worked with Student Affairs staff to establish a Transfer Center; hired a joint transfer coordinator (half-time at both institutions); offer IU Kokomo courses on the Ivy Tech campuses; provide IU Kokomo advising support on the Ivy Tech campuses.

Initiated the creation of the Partnership for Academic Student Success (PASS) program, which is a probationary workshop for at-risk students. Worked with the advising staff on the implementation of the program.

Implemented the Early Warning System. This program is designed to identify high risk students at five and ten weeks for strategic interventions.

Initiated and implemented the ‘Complete in 4’ campaign to enhance four year graduation rates.  Students were asked to choose a date for graduation and then were given a pin that declared that date.  In addition they were given the four year plan for their major scanned to their phone.  This initiative was followed by the ‘Got 30, 60, 90 credit hour’ initiative where students were rewarded for each step in their degree completion.

Continued the expansion of athletics – campus joined the KIAC athletic conference

Facilitated discussions for the development of a Regional organization which includes six counties in the campus service region; created a funding formula, organizational structure, and bylaws.  

Invited to be the keynote speaker for the University Economic Development Association, “Creating a Regional Mindset.”

Led the Regional Leadership Institute Project, and directed the $350,000 WIRED grant; served as the Director of the North Central Indiana Regional Leadership Institute, with the grant running from 2007 – 2010. I was responsible for all aspects of conference development, including resource development (readings), securing speakers, and facilitating conference logistics. Over 70 community leaders participated in the initiative. As a result of this work, a regional network was developed, The Hoosier Heartland Alliance, a strategic plan was written, and an asset map was produced to secure new employers in the region.

Facilitated the merger of nine economic development organizations in the City of Kokomo into one organization, the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance. Served as the mediator during numerous sessions, working with the Mayor and County Council members.

Facilitated the merger of all local arts organizations into the Greater Kokomo Arts League. Served as a mediator to enhance art offerings in the community through a network of arts organizations. Partnered with the mayor’s office in this effort.

Received a grant from the Howard County Community Foundation to enhance college math readiness for all senior students at Kokomo High School.  Each student took the IU Kokomo math placement test in the beginning of the school year, received their results so they could focus on their challenges.  They retook the test at the end of the academic year to gauge progress.

This year the campus is hosting grade school, middle school, and high school students from schools throughout our service region to help enhance college attendance in the region.

Currently serve on the Board of Directors of the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance (GKEDA), the Community Howard Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, and Rotary. 

  • Oversaw the construction of the Milt and Jean Cole Family Wellness and Fitness Center.
  • Partnered with the City of Kokomo and the Kokomo Center School Corporation to open a new gym for IU Kokomo athletics.
  • Secured funding for the renovation of our 900 seat auditorium
  • Contracted with a new food service vendor to improve food service quality.
  • Added a new outdoor courtyard to the campus quad to add to the beauty of the campus
  • Secured 14 million in the state R&R funds, to repurpose the main building

Launched the public phase of the ‘Inspire Power’ campaign to fund the Milt and Jean Cole Family Wellness and Fitness Center, fall, 2012 to complete a $2 million dollar campaign.  Hosted a dinner event and secured corporate and individual support and naming opportunities.

For the 2013 internal campaign, the campus had a 51% participation rate, and raised approx. $42,000 to support a variety of initiatives, from scholarships to facilities. The 2012 internal campaign had a 67% participation rate, with approx. $31,000 raised.

Secured $14 million dollars from the Indiana state legislature for the renovation of the main building,

Received grant funds to remodel Havens Auditorium, fall, 2012.

Secured a $350,000.00 donation from the city of Kokomo to fund a new gym in downtown Kokomo.

Secured a gift from Dr. Ruth Person, RMJ Scholars: A renewable scholarship beginning with incoming freshman at IU Kokomo. $4,000,000 bequest.

Secured a gift from Kathleen Ligocki for Kathleen Ligocki Scholars Program: To create a cohort of students beginning freshman year renewable for up to four years. $1,000,000 blended gift.

Secured an IU Kokomo Greenhouse Fund: to be used for the construction of a greenhouse on the IU Kokomo Campus Anonymous donor: $200,000 total giving: $244,000.

Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Speech Communication, 1995

Dissertation: Defining Empowerment in the Context of American Organizations

MS., Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, Speech Communication, 1977

Master’s Thesis: An Exploratory Study in Defining Interpersonal Communication from a

Speech Communication Perspective

B.S., Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, Speech Communication, 1976

A.S., Rock Valley College, Rockford, Illinois, 1974

AASCU New Presidents Seminar, 2013

AASCU Provost Leadership Training, 2010

CASE Conference, 2005, 2007, Current member of CASE

LEAD; Indiana University Leadership Development Program, 2006, a presidential initiative that identified thirty leaders, from all eight campuses, for a year-long leadership development opportunity to develop future leaders at Indiana University.

Fiscal Officers Training, Indiana University, year-long session on financial management at Indiana University, 2005

Dean Development Training, Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, 2001

Management Development Program (MDP). Harvard Institutes for Higher Education; Harvard Graduate School of Education; Harvard University, 1997

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University Information Technology ($20,000) to support iPad initiative, 2013 – support a 30 iPad cart in

the School of Education Curriculum Lab where Education students will be able to experience teaching with iPads and develop methods and techniques that will prepare them to teach in modern ways which are currently being utilized in the Kokomo schools and the region we serve. A second 30 iPad cart will be available for all faculty to reserve and use in general purpose and discipline specific classrooms. Ten iPads will remain in the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment for faculty training and their exploration of iPads.

Kokomo Community Foundation ($5,000) to support the purchase of Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System (COMPASS) software to support a math college readiness program with Kokomo Center School Corporation, 2012

Complete College America Innovation Challenge Grant ($30,000) to develop programming and initiatives to help students complete college, 2011

Expanding Blended Learning through Tools and Campus Programs: American Association of State Colleges and Universities grant ($10,000) to increase hybrid course development, 2011

Kokomo Community Foundation ($15,000) to purchase new seats for Havens Auditorium, 2011

Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) Grant ($300,000) for Regional Leadership Institute, 2007

Chamber of Commerce, Athena Award for Outstanding Community Service, 2010

Rock Valley College Alumni Hall of Fame, 2007

Indiana University Kokomo Alumni Association, Distinguished Service Award, 2007

IU Kokomo Martin Luther King Leadership Award, 2003

John L. Blackburn Award, Outstanding Administrative Model, IU Leadership Institute, 2003

Finalist for the Outstanding National Freshman Advocate Award, 1998

Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA), 1997

The Forum on Exemplary Teaching, American Association of Higher Education, 1994

FACET - Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching – an all Indiana University Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1991