Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke, Ph.D.


As Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo, I have the daily privilege of seeing students gain the knowledge and skills to become our future leaders, our educators, our doctors, our caregivers and much more. I can’t imagine a more rewarding position and I am honored to lead this thriving campus.

Students at IU Kokomo come from very different backgrounds with very different goals and very different stories. But, what I have noticed, is that each and every one of them brings to campus an adventurous, determined spirit. They see our campus as a place of tremendous opportunity and hope to pursue a better life. The faculty and staff, in turn, make a commitment to each student to support them in their journey no matter what path it takes. 

At IU Kokomo, we are grounded on the principle that every student matters here.

Our graduates will improve our lives, our communities, as well as our world.  Encourage both traditional age and non-traditional aged students to attend college. We can all do this from where we are. Together, we can step boldly into our region and make a difference.