Dual Education Degree

Dual Education Degree

Interested in becoming an expert in your content area and working towards teacher licensure all at the same time? You can earn a dual education degree from Indiana University Kokomo in education and history/political science. This course of study allows you to take higher level content courses right alongside educational theory and methods courses. While you’re learning the content in depth from expert content professors you’ll also be learning ways to teach it to your desired grade level from expert education professors, graduating with two IU degrees. 

The School of Education works cooperatively with the history/political science program to offer a dual degree program in history/political science and secondary education. By participating in this program you will complete both a Bachelor of Science in History/Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. This program will prepare you to teach at the secondary school level with expertise in both history and government. Please see an advisor in either the School of Humanities and Social Sciences or the School of Education for more information about this program.

Assessment information for this degree is available from our Assessment landing page.

Watch the History and Political Science video with audio description

Description of the video:

IU Kokomo: History and Political Science Video Transcript

-Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise, iuk.edu

Student teacher Justin Summers teaches students as we transition to his interview.

The teacher says, “Now, what did we talk about that we need for an advanced civilization? What’s first?”

Students respond, “Surplus of food.”

Teacher: “Surplus of food. What happens after the surplus of food?”

Teaching in classroom noise fades out as the words, “What can you do? Be a double major.” appear on the screen.

Justin Summers being interviewed: "I’m Justin Summers. My graduation is May of 2014 and I am a double major in History/Political Science and Secondary Education, focus on social studies.”

The footage goes back to Justin teaching in front of the classroom as he continues to speak, footage of students listening and raising hands, and close-up detail footage of classroom items such as a map showing geography.

Justin Summers, Senior, History/Political Science and Secondary Education: “History, to me, needs to be real. It can’t just be lecture; it needs to be discussed. It needs to be…you need to understand it. Better questions to discussion through readings, not just reading out of a textbook.”

(Alumnus Justin Clark is speaking as he’s looking through archives as an intern at the Howard County Historical society. The words “What can you do? Learn through internships” appears on the screen.)

Footage of student, Justin Clark, in a darkened room digging through archives, a close-up shot of Justin writing on a yellow pad, and the words, “What can you do? Learn through internships.” appear on the screen, three students are also shown in a library sitting around a table discussing.

Justin Clark: I work at the Howard County Historical Society and museum and here in downtown Kokomo I spent most of my time working on putting together a new exhibit that we did last summer called Howard County Then and Now where we took old pictures from way, way, way back when, sometimes all the way back into the 1800s and then we sort of showed what is that site like now?”

Footage changes to someone opening a drawer with file folder while the words, “What can you do? Study pre-law.“ appear on the screen. Erik is shown working with clients. 

-       Alumnus Erik May talks about the law. In his law office.

Erik May, ESQ, May Law Offices, IU Kokomo Alumnus: “A law degree and with my background from IU Kokomo, you know, you can take those skills and essentially do whatever you want. That’s the great thing about the flexibility of the curriculum at IU Kokomo and the flexibility of having a law degree. You can teach, you can practice law, you can be a judge or judicial officer and you can be a politician.”

The footage goes to professors teaching to a class full of students and then goes back to the three students in a library discussing.

-       Alumnus Walter Dalton talks about history. In a group setting with Justin Clark and Shannon Stockdale.

Walter Dalton, B.S. ’13, History/Political Science: “History is always taught in, you know, elementary and high school, taught as, ‘This is the facts, this is what happened’, well, in college level it’s always, okay, this is what this one person says about this and this is what another person says about it. Figure it out on our own what you think…what you think is true.”

-       Alumna Shannon Stockdale talks about faculty.

Shannon Stockdale, Senior, History/Political Science, Secondary Education: “I think the first thing I would say is that you are going to find instructors here who will guide and support and inform and help you get where you want to go. It’s not as intimidating or scary as you think it is and once you find those instructors who know what they’re doing and they know how to help you, you know, you’re halfway there. Just showing up is half the battle.”

Justin Clark works on a paper with a professor as you hear his voice.

-       Justin Clark speaks. About his success as a student

Justin Clark: “And I think having that grasp of history and how history shapes the world gives us a better grasp about what’s going on in the world right now and what we can make in the future and I think that the small class size and the sort of flexible scheduling, the way that the teachers are very helpful and personable to you. Those are all things that have led to my success as a student.”

-       In the IU Kokomo Library, Professor Andrew McFarland gives an overview of what you can do with a degree in History and Political Science.

Andrew McFarland, Ph.D., History being interviewed in the library: “Some students go into law and public service. Other students go into teaching but really one of the keys is that a degree in history and political science gives you a background of skills for raw reading skills, writing skills, critical thinking skills, a general understanding of the society, politics, economics, social movements that are desired by people who are in really a wide variety of jobs that people look for as well just the basic critical thinking to take on just about any research type job.”

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Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise


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