Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

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Description of the video:

The Transcript for the Crime Lab Video

Heavy drum driven blues beats begins playing. The video is made to mimic crime television show opening sequences.

Three images of students working in the crime lab filter onto the screen.

A white surface with blood splatter fills the screen along with the words, “The Crime Lab.”

A timer starts in the lower left-hand corner to look like security footage.

Two students work together in the lab wearing blue rubber gloves to analyze blood splatter.

A student analyzes a bullet in the lab as the words, “The ballistics expert” appear on the screen.

Two students work analyzing bullets in the lab.

A wall of fingerprints is shown along with the words, “The fingerprint analyst.”

A student practices taking fingerprints from another student.

A close-up shot of fingerprints.

A student looks into some crime lab equipment as the words, “The forensic science technician” appear on the screen.

The timer continues in the lower right-hand corner.

The crime lab director helps students analyze bones in the crime lab while the words, “The crime lab director” appears on the screen.

A close-up shot of students working with bones while wearing rubber gloves.

A student dusts for fingerprints in the crime lab while the words, “The crime scene investigator” appear on the screen.

Two students work together in the lab testing vehicle accident logistics.

The words, “The crime scene reenactment” appear on the screen.

An IU police cadet works with a student in the lab as the words, “The toxicologist” appear on the screen.

A close-up shot of the toxicology kit.

The words, “The Crime Lab” appear on the screen.

An illustration of a crime scene on a computer is shown.

The crime lab director works with a student in the lab.

The words, “Apply today” appear on the screen.

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A Lifetime of Success

Superhero inspires future forensic scientist

Alysia Circle posing like a superhero

A mysterious superhero — one who might even be described as a winged vigilante — inspired Alysia Circle’s interest in a law enforcement career. She doesn’t remember a time she wasn’t obsessed with Batman, amassing a collection of figurines, and requesting a birthday cake featuring the Caped Crusader each year. Now a full-time student and part-time police officer at Indiana University Kokomo, she sees herself not like Batman himself, but one of his strongest allies.

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Community invited to tour campus crime lab

Students experimenting in new crime lab

Get an inside look at Indiana University Kokomo’s new crime lab, at an open house Thursday, February 22. Faculty, staff, and students in the criminal justice program will show the equipment and demonstrate what they teach and learn in the lab, in the East Building, Room 103. It will be open from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

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Senior earns dream job with hometown police department: Indiana University Kokomo

Dallas Snell posing

As a middle school student in Frankfort, Dallas Snell admired the police officers he saw patrolling the streets, seeing them as role models. “I wanted to be like them when I grew up, and have their character,” he said. “I really looked up to them because they are always up front with you, respectful, and know how to talk to people.” In January, as Snell began his final semester at Indiana University Kokomo, he achieved his long-time goal, beginning his career as an officer with the Frankfort Police Department.

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Students learn from behind-the-scenes at Disney World


A Walt Disney World vacation is supposed to be a magical experience, in a place where reality is suspended, and dreams really do come true.

More than 50 Indiana University Kokomo students gained a backstage view at how the magic happens, with a working trip to the Florida resort.

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