Minor in Criminal Justice

Expand your understanding of criminal justice

The world of criminal justice is ever-growing, and can affect a variety of industries and professions. A minor in criminal justice from Indiana University Kokomo might be the right addition to your course of study.

Gain an understanding of the nature of crime, as well as the skills to analyze the criminal justice system and its relationship to other institutions in society. Take courses covering topics from The American Criminal Justice System, to Corrections, work in the campus crime lab, and gain a vast and in-depth understanding of the field.

Whether you’re studying psychology, sociology, biology or political science – or exploring an interest - earning a minor in criminal justice can help you specialize your degree and open the door to your future even wider than before.

For most current requirements for this minor, please visit our Academic Bulletin. If you have further questions, please contact our Office of Admissions and schedule a visit with an advisor today.

Ready to begin your journey?