Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

If you have a heart to help people and know deep down that you were born to be a nurse, you’re in the right place. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Indiana University Kokomo will prepare you for your future with the hands-on, experiential learning and the foundation of knowledge you need. To help you become the nurse you’ve always dreamed of being, our program will help you become an effective leader who is capable of collaborating with the interdisciplinary health teams to promote safety and help your patients achieve the best possible outcomes. You’ll graduate this program ready to hit the floor running and work in a variety of settings.

The pre-licensure B.S.N. degree program integrates a strong background in the sciences and liberal arts with an excellent education in the profession of nursing. In the pre-licensure program, nursing students are provided a solid, holistic foundation. In 6 semesters, students will have over 900 practicum hours with experiences caring for diverse clients across the healthcare continuum.

To find out what the next four years might look like for this degree, fill out your information and follow the prompted steps to arrive at a sample degree map. For more information specific to you and your situation, please schedule a visit with an advisor today.

Before you become a student in the School of Nursing, you will be considered a pre-nursing student. Throughout your time at IU Kokomo, you’ll want to work closely with your advisor who can keep you informed and ensure you apply to the School of Nursing when the time is right. Below, you’ll find the requirements needed to apply to the program.

Please note: Nursing admission is competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. The nursing program requirements may change at any time. It is the student's responsibility to stay in contact with his/her advisors on a regular basis.

The applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Be admitted to Indiana University Kokomo as a degree-seeking student and must submit official transcripts from other universities attended.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  3. Have a minimum nursing GPA of 2.7.
  4. One of the three required sciences (A215, P215, J200/J201) must be completed with a C or better to apply.
  5. One of the following additional courses must be completed in order to apply: M105, M117, M125, M118, M119, M215, M133 or M134.
  6. Meet the minimum TEAS score requirements:

    1. Earn an adjusted overall score placing you in the Proficient or better (proficient, advanced, or exemplary)
    2. Score at the median (50th percentile) or better in at least 3 of the 4 sub-scores (reading, math, science, or English language usage)
  7. Complete at least 12 credits of the pre-nursing coursework.

If you have met steps 1-7 then you are eligible to apply to the Nursing program. Proceed to step 8 below:

  1. Apply to the School of Nursing by the stated deadline
  • Fall Deadline-May 10th
  • Spring Deadline-September 10th 

Priority 1 Applicants:

  1. Meet all the eligibility criteria;
  2. Score in the proficient, Advanced, or Exemplary categories on the TEAS;
  3. Have no sub-scores that fall below the median on the TEAS

Priority 2 Applicants:

  1. Meet all eligibility criteria
  2. Score in the proficient, Advanced, or Exemplary categories on the TEAS;
  3. Have one sub-score that falls below the median on the TEAS.

Priority 3 Applicants:

  1. Meet all eligibility criteria,
  2. Score in the Basic, Proficient, Advanced, or Exemplary categories on the TEAS

Information on Pre-Nursing Courses

  • One of the three pre-nursing science courses must be completed in order to apply. At least two of the three required sciences must be completed before you begin the major. The third science must be done by the end of the first semester in the nursing program.
  • Students may fail (with a C- or below) no more than three pre-nursing courses totaling 11 credits. Of the three failures only two are allowed in the sciences. Students who exceed any of these limits are ineligible to apply to the nursing program.
  • CHEM-C 109 is required to be completed prior to the start of the Junior 1 semester. Failure to complete on time will stop progression in the nursing program.
  • Sciences older than seven years must be retaken (includes: A 215, P 216, J 200, J 201 and C 109).
  • Cumulative GPA: If an IU GPA is not available then the cumulative GPA from his/her most recent institution will be used in determining the cumulative GPA.

Assessment information for this degree is available from our Assessment landing page.

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