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Pre-Professional Video Transcript

School of Sciences Video

Carmen Davis, Chemistry, B.A. 2010 wears a lab coat and sits in a lab, talking to the camera: “Oh, I know that definitely. I mean, if I was in a different campus, um, I would’ve been a face lost in the crowd and I was still given the opportunity because of my interests to do, you know, to do the extra work, to learn more about the field. Um…so that was, I think, one of the greatest opportunities of working closely with your instructors. Just, um, the chance to learn.”

Davis wears a protective mask while working in the lab. Liquids are added to test tubes in the lab.

A black screen appears with the words, “School of Sciences” fills the screen.

Christian Chauret, Ph.D., Dean, School of Sciences begins speaking to the camera: “The School of Sciences is a collection of programs and professors teaching in various areas such as informatics, mathematics, biology, physics, geology, and chemistry. And we have degree programs in many of these areas accordingly.

Will Hall, Sophomore, Informatics begins speaking to the camera from a computer lab: “Yeah, I mean, the informatics program can’t be beat, you know. IU informatics is well respected; they’re a leader in the field. Um, it’s one of the most accessible degrees. It’s open to people from all disciplines with all interests and everyone can come into this program and excel and get the skills for the 21st century workforce that we all need.”

Awny Alnusair is shown teaching in a computer lab. Students are shown typing on a computer. A student types on a computer.

Jessie Hoffman, Mathematics, B.A. 2011 sits in the Library and talks to the camera: “I felt like my education really helped me in the workplace. Number one with just the degree in math, I felt employers really…my resume got pulled to the front. Even in interviews, employers said, you know, seeing that you have a math degree, that really stuck out to us because it not only shows…um…analytical thinking but problem-solving abilities.”

Two students and a professor have a discussion.

Michael Finkler, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Biology: “Uh, we’ve got wonderful opportunities in terms of research. We actually involve our undergraduate students in our research programs. I’ve had students of mine who have published papers with me as co-authors. So, we have just a wonderful set of experiences that are available to our students.”

A professor and student work in the lab. 

Benjamin Catt, President of Science, Math, and Informatic Club speaks to the camera in the Library: “Uh, SMI Club is a chance for you to not only share all the cool things that you’re going to be learning in the Department of Science but also, um, share other situations with people who are interested in the same things but you don’t have to be talking about school; you’re gonna find the same things cool that your peers are finding cool. You’re in the same classes, you’re talking about the same stuff. You can get homework help there or you can shoot the breeze there. You can do whatever you’d like to do. You can get out of the school, um, setting, like for instance, the Chicago field trip. You can go there and just interact on a friendly level in a way that you might not find at a larger campus.”

Students sit and discuss things in a group.

“Awny Alnusair, Ph.D., Assistant Professor – Informatics sits in a computer lab and speaks to the camera: “IU Kokomo, I mean, IU Kokomo is especially different from other places that I’ve taught. It is different than bigger or larger institutions but here, what I feel over here is different. It’s a small campus and a small campus has a lot of opportunities for teachers and for students to learn better from each other so we can better communicate with our students. We know them by name, who they are. You know their backgrounds and you can connect with them in a better way.”

Students listen to a lecture in a computer lab.

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